Monday, October 1, 2007

MY Meg

Congratulations to my very best friend! She got some great news today. Through all the heartache and horrid pain she’s had to endure she really deserves to be happy. Before this day she was concerned that the outcome might be different. I almost never pray for someone else, but this is far different then the average persons hardship. Because she is such a large part of my heart and soul I pleaded several times for this to workout. So this is a day to rejoice for answered prayers.

She is a mother that had her baby taken from her by adoption. This is how we meet. We share a grief that runs deeper than death. We are bonded through anguish, misery, and anger for all that has been done to us. But our connection flows far deeper then just our shared anguish for our lost babies and hatred towards the adoption industry. If you have ever heard of a cosmic connection then you know how vast our relationship really is.

She truly means more then the world to me. She has been there for me when I really need someone to understand and she listens without judgment. To find a person that can relate without discrimination is truly a miracle. Not only is she there for me but she also goes out of her way to help others. She’s the type to take that extra step for all the right reasons. She holds power and strength with modest form. She is resultant, intelligent, and beautiful. I’m incredibly fortunate and extremely grateful to have her in my life.


Aislin13 said...

Oh Honey Bunny!! I love you so very very much. You mean so much to me. I hope you know that. I don't think anyone has ever written such beautiful things about me. I swear I had tears and you know that is rare. And all those prayers paid off babe. You have a healthy god daughter on the way!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am still ready to go scream it from the rooftops! Wanna come with me? We can travel cross country and scream it from everywhere!

jadedtears said...

Of course I was to tell the world with you!!! =) You making me godmama is the best thing ever. And I will always have tons of loves for u.

Von said...

And she's lucky to have you too!